Starting the day as a producer

A little while ago I read an article about starting the day as a 'producer', not a 'consumer'. The argument was that we often wake up and shift into default consumption mode, whether that is watching the news, reading our emails or other information sites, and before we know it we have set the pattern for our entire day as one of reactionary thinking and back-foot activity in response to things incoming.

At the time I tried to change this for myself a bit, realising how hard it is to stay away from incoming information from the moment you wake up. Even as I write this post, I am resisting the urge to go back and read the original article so I can reference it properly…instead relying on what I in fact got out of it, my own interpretation, whether that was the author’s intention or not.

For the last few days I have actively been trying to take advantage of jetlag to make me a producer from the moment I wake up. While I am a certified zombie by 6pm, I have been waking at 4, 5, 6am for the last few mornings, so much awake that there is absolutely no enjoyment in lying in for longer, while I see the sky lighten outside.

Day one, exactly 24 hrs after landing back in the country, we got up at 6.30 and went for a walk down to Rushcutter’s Bay on what was going to be a fantastic day. We were at a new cafe by quarter to 8, both ordering Americanos by default after a month away from cappuccinos and lattes (everyone should mix up their coffee order every once in a while), and back at home before 10.30 to get our lives back in order.

Same trick yesterday morning, up at 6 thinking about how we could spend our day, deciding to go grocery shopping and cook a home breakfast emulating my fave dish from Trio at Bondi, Boss Eggs, for a lot less than their $21 price (even with the investment in truffle oil thank you very much). I also baked some cookies, and did some stretching to my poor travel-tight body (hello hamstrings) while Josh investigated some home handyman solutions, and all this before midday. I couldn’t believe how long a day could stretch!

This morning was our first day back in the routine of having a workplace, heading to Home/Work by 9am. But before that, I got up at 6.30 and attempted to stretch my now-sore-from-yesterday’s-stretching body, make hommus and falafels for lunch, and have a nice leisurely breakfast and coffee with Josh. 

My point is that until now these same hours have crept by time and time again without me making the most of them, in fact clinging to the bedsheets as long as possible (though not as long as Josh). So many of the people I know are big proponents of getting up early and doing shit, but I have never been able to permanently get into that routine (I’ve even tried to make the most of jetlag before, but eventually something tips me back to the other end of the scale of up late/sleep late). 

Perhaps off the back of developing the habit to blog every day through March (and not being down or being thrown off track after missing a day or two), I can now branch out to include getting up early, stretching every day, and starting as a producer not a consumer. But one thing at a time.

And just like that, 500 words before 9(.30)…